Beeswax wrap is a replacement for cling wrap that can be used repeatedly and is environmentally friendly. Protect food, fruits and vegetables from the air and moisture so that the food in it fresh longer.


Beeswax food wrap is made of 100% cotton cloth coated with beeswax and coconut oil (virgin coconut oil).


Small (20 x 20 cm): glass cover, mason jars, fruit / vegetable scraps
Medium (30 x 30 cm): wrapping bread, snacks, cheese, fruit and vegetables
Large (40 x 40 cm): cover the bowl, baking pan


How to use :
Use your palm to wrap in accordance with its shape so that it sticks and is tightly closed.


How to Wash:
Just rinse by hand using cold water and environmentally friendly soap like castle soap.


What to avoid:
- Hot (Microwave, Oven, hot food / container)
- dishwasher
- Oil (meat & fish)

Beeswax Food Wraps


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